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Movements in Khaki
Apex presented the music of Edgar Meyer's "Uncommon Ritual" and Vanessa Mae's "Bach Street Prelude." Dressed in everyday khakis and white tops, the members of Apex guided the audience through a simple, yet still complex, colorguard show. Apex's debut season was a triumph for the performers and staff for many reasons. Receiving standing ovations from the first performance ever to the last performance in Wildwood, Apex grew as a performing unit and as an organization. Finalist status was achieved at the WGI Eastern and Mid-Atlantic Regionals in the "Independent A" division. Apex also ranked 24th out of more than 70 units and attained semi-finalist status at WGI championships in Dayton, OH. Locally, Apex was promoted to Open Class and achieved Chapter 9 champion status were medalists at TIA circuit championships. More importantly, Apex members enjoyed themselves and were able to grow and mature as performers and as people! This year was the start of something truly special.

  Alicia Briggs
  Chris Galasso
  Lisa Merriweather
  Channa Mitchell

Founding Members

Andy Hirsch
Dave Katz
TJ Kelsall
Chevon Mitchell
Nick Tavares

Amanda Clark
Amanda Ferrari
Chrissy Fricke
Deanna Garber
Kate Gielda
Steven Mitchell


Steve Keiser
Ned Leslie
Stephanie Murray
Raul Reyes
Cindy Riffert

Drill by Jeff Sacktig


Photo Album

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