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All guards are listed under their home circuit(s), even if they also participate in WGI.

AIA - Atlantic Indoor Association

CCGC - California Color Guard Circuit

CIPA - Carolina Indoor Performance Association

CIA - Cavalcade Indoor Association

EMASS - Eastern Massachusetts

FFCC - Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit

GCCC - Gulf Coast Colorguard Circuit


KIDA - Keystone Indoor Drill Association

MAA/EMBA - Metro American Associates/Eastern Marching Band Association

MCGC - Michigan Color Guard Circuit

MAPAA - Mid-America Performing Arts Association

MAIN - Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network

MCCGA - Mid-Continent Color Guard Association

MEPA - Mid-East Performance Association

MWCGC - Mid West Color Guard Circuit

MYCGC - Mid-York Colorguard Circuit

MAC - Musical Arts Conference

NESBA - New England Scholastic Band Association

NECGC - North East Color Guard Circuit

NTCA - North Texas Colorguard Association

PPAACC - Pep and Pageantry Arts Association of Central California

RMCGA - Rocky Mountain Color Guard Association

SCGC - Southeastern Color Guard Circuit

SFWGA - South Florida Winterguard Association

TCGC - Texas Color Guard Circuit

TECA - Texas Educational Colorguard Circuit

Tri-State - Tri-State Color Guard Circuit

TRWEA - Three Rivers Winter Ensemble Association

TIA - Tournament Indoor Association

WGASC - Winter Guard Associaton of Southern California

WGAZ - Winter Guard Arizona

WGUK - Winter Guard United Kingdom