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Fusion - Parsippany, New Jersey
Circuit(s) - MAIN, TIA WGI

Year Circuit(s) Class Show Name Artist(s) Song Title(s) Accomplishments

Ind. A

"Face to Face - Act I, Scene V"

Roberta Flack
and Isaac Hayes
(with overlayed Shakespearean sonnets)

Nino Rota
Romeo and Juliet (1968))

"The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face"

"A Time for Us"

-WGI Ind. A Semi-Finalists
-WGI New England, Eastern,
  S. New England, and
  Mid-Atlantic Regional Ind. A
-TIA Chapter 10 Ind. A
-TIA All-Chapter Ind. A
  (promoted to Ind. Open class)

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